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WordPress blog for apartments in delray beach.   If you are a renter that needs an apartment in Delray Beach, you have come to the right place.  Finding an apartment is not easy.

A little bit about the history of Delray Beach

Native Americans allegedly lived in the section of Delray Beach at different occasions and servants might also have become the are of Delray in the nineteenth centuty, but there is no report of this.

In 1884 the settlement began when blacks from the north part of FL purchased land near the Orange Grove House and began working. Back then, the black community was large enough to open the first school in the area, now the downtown district.

In 1895 Wiliam Linton bought a piece of land just west of the Orange Grove House and began selling houses in what he would hope become a farming community. This community was name after Linton, and is now Linton Blvd.
History states that the begining of this was the construction of the Orange Grove House in 1877. The house got its name from the grove of mature orange and the tropical fruit trees that were found in the are for the house, but no evidence of who planted the trees have survived.

The Linton settles started gaining success with farming of winter crops for the northern states. A freeze in the late 1800s was a setback and many left including Mr. Linton. In attempt to change the luck of the community, or to leave behind a bad reputation, the name was then changed to Delray after the Detroit neighborhood of Delray which was named after the Mexican American war battle “Molino del Ray.” By the first quarter of the 1900s Delray had a population of over a thousand. In 1912, the are was owned by the State of Florida and became a town. The same year the pineapple plants were built. Pineapples became the main crop of Delray. This reflected in the name of the present day Pineapple Grove neighborhood near downtown Delray, where the Delray Beach Apartments are now built. This was the beginning of Delray Beach apartments. The Florida boom of the 20s brought many good things to the town of Delray. Tourism and apartments in Delray Beach became important parts of the local economy. Delray issued bonds to raise funds to install water and sewer pipes, pave the roads and sidewalks. Hotels and apartments began being built in Delray. At that time Delray Beach was the largest town on the East Coast of Florida between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.


Apartments in Delray Beach


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